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Our mission at William Scott Initiatives (WSI) is to bring to light
great ideas that will impact the world for good.
Today, for example, WSI patents are making the lifting and maneuvering of corrugated boxes easier, safer, less costly and more secure for consumers, workers and businesses in dozens of industries. They’re also at the heart of a patented dual-headed cable tie security innovation, plus the only patented security lock dedicated to corrugated boxes. 

Our latest initiative is to literally reshape the look, feel, performance, and safety of
commonly available crutches, walking sticks, canes and walkers.

It’s impossible to calculate the impact our patent-pending devices will have on the
physical and mental well-being of millions of people around the world.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we’re enthusiastically committed to our role as a startup business consultant. But perhaps nothing engages our passions as much as The Garden Initiative, our proprietary approach to strategic funding in support of better public schools.