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Our mission at William Scott Initiatives (WSI) is to bring light to great ideas that
make life more comfortable, safer and more productive for people around the world.

At WSI, we observe how people use commonplace tools to solve problems, we identify ways to dramatically enhance these tools, and we add massive value in the marketplace where little or none had previously existed. Through this strategy for invention, innovation and implementation, WSI sets out to impact the world for good. Our own initiatives demonstrate our passion

for positive change:

Our latest initiative—DynaMD™—resets expectations for the look, feel, performance
and safety of commonly-available mobility aids (crutches, walking sticks, canes and walkers). The first of our patent-pending, game-changing assistive aids will be introduced later this year.
They will offer unprecedented advances in comfort, safety, reliability and style.

We’re also using our business acumen and creativity to help public and private schools
(preK-12) meet their funding needs. Through
The Garden Initiatives™, we offer an array of
cost-saving programs, even as we breathe new life into traditional funding strategies.

As entrepreneurs, innovators and inventors, we’re enthusiastically committed to our role
as a
startup business consultant.